Motley Crue announces “The Final Tour”

| Tue, Jan 28, 2014

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Motley Crue announces “The Final Tour”

It’s a sad day for Motley Crue fans all over the world.

The rock band arrived in a hurst at the Beachers Theatre in West Hollywood on Tuesday morning, to give a room full of music journalists and loyal fans the biggest announcement of their career.

The band has announced their retirement, named “The Final Tour,” as they retire their 33 year career, which will consist of 72 cities in the United States and Canada, followed by a world tour. “The tour may last a couple years” said Vince Neil. “We want to go out with the 4 founding members and go out on top. Leave the legacy that is Motley Crue.”

‘When we started this band, no one believed in us, no record labels wanted us and we ended up selling 40 thousand copies of Too Fast For Love which launched our career.” said Nikki Sixx.

“We started talking about how we wanna go out, and Tommy said it best: ‘A farewell tour is when a band does a farewell tour, gets back together, does another tour, and eventually there’s no milk left on the titty’,” said Sixx. “We want to be proud of Motley Crue, and we want the fans to be proud of Motley Crue.”

“We all agree that we are gonna hang it up” said Motley Crue’s manager, Doug Thaler. According to Thaler, the band came up with the best methodology, which was “to sell their trademark, to join at the hip and do something that bands haven’t done before, which is all agree to lock it away.”

“Because we are on top, because we are holding it together, sounding better.” said Sixx.”We want to leave a legacy and with some dignity. We want to call it a day and be proud.”

“It’s pretty embarrassing what is happening with some of the bands out there, but you know there are so many bands out there that are ripping you off. We are not gonna do that.” – said Sixx.

Aside from the tour, former Jackass director Jeff Tremaine was at the press conference to talk about the process on movie The Dirt, based on their book released on 2002.

“It’s gotta be authentic, first and foremost.” said Tremaine. “It’s got the craze but it’s got some heart and some darkness. It’s got some funny stuff, but it’s also got some drama in it.” He hopes to start shooting the movie as early as June of 2014.

The band will have rock legend Alice Copper as an opening act for the tour. We’ve never played together and I am kind of their spiritual advisor” said Alice Cooper. “This is going to be the first time that they go together. It’s quite a compliment”

“I can’t imagine why rock and roll has become so anemic.” Cooper said “They all want to look the same. What’s more fun than what happened in the mid 80s?” It was too much fun of an era to go away.” “Motley Crue had all the flair, all the songs. They got it. They understood what it was about. Do a show for the audience. Knock them out! I think it will be pretty exhausting for the audience, not for us.” said Cooper.

What does each band member have planned once the tour is over?

Neil plans to continue the restaurant business, and continue to sing onstage, performing solo concerts. “I am not ready to stop, I have to have music with me.”

Sixx will continue with side project SIXX AM, continuing with his radio show Sixx Sense on iHeart radio, and work on a Broadway show.

Lee has some “big surprises” that he can’t talk about at the moment.

Mars recently moved to Nashville, so he plans to work on his solo album, work on an autobiography, which he may write backwards “from death until when I was born.”

A reporter asked the band what will it feel like once they wrap up the final date of the tour. Sixx said “I imagine it’s gonna be emotional.” I have known these guys and they know me, probably longer than we’ve known our parents. This is a celebration, this is not a bad thing. It’s a huge celebration for us, we are proud of what we are doing. It’s going to be a really amazing, fantastic tour.”

Tickets go on sale this Friday January 31st with others on sale on Saturday, February 1st. More information can be found on
According to promoters, the price of tickets would be very inclusive, at around $15 each to make it possible for everyone to attend.

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