Dr. Feelgoods: Neil celebrates his club’s one-year success

| Sat, Jan 24, 2009


Dr. Feelgoods: Neil celebrates his club’s one-year success

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — In order to celebrate the one-year Anniversary of Vince Neil’s bar & grill Dr. Feelgoods, the notorious Motley Crue frontman, along with his star-studded solo band, performed a free concert for his fans. 

This was the third time they’ve done this during the past year, but it doesn’t get old.  The weather was perfect, the fans were excited, and the stage was set.  Time to rock out!

As the lights lit up, guitar player Jeff Blando took center stage and played the opening lines to Live Wire, we could feel the vibrations in the air.  It felt good!  Immediately Vince appeared and led us through the classic tune.  Those of us that attended the previous two performances could remember that it was difficult to hear him if you were up front, due to the positioning of the speakers.  Not this time though, we could hear him loud and clear.  What a relief!

The night was filled with beloved Motley Crue classics, such as Dr. Feelgood, Piece Of Your Action, Shout At The Devil, and Looks That Kill.  Bass player Dana Strum did an excellent job getting the crowd into the action.  In no way did it feel like he was a stand-in for Nikki Sixx.

It came time for Vince to pull out his guitar and show that he has talent beyond his vocal chords.  The crowd was delighted to hear Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).  There were some technical difficulties, as Vince repeatedly showed frustration towards the sound engineer.  But it must’ve been only his earpiece, because we couldn’t hear a thing that could’ve been wrong.  In any case, it was good to see him care for these sort of details, instead of riding it out.  Motley Crue is set to begin another triumphant tour in only 1 week!  After the said problem was remedied, he stepped forward with a different guitar and the band entertained us with Same ‘Ol Situation.

If you have never seen Vince Neil do a solo performance, I strongly suggest you do, not only will you get to enjoy the feeling and sounds of the Crue, but you will also get to witness the antics of his drummer, Zoltan Chaney.  He definitely knows how to entertain a crowd, using objects such as his feet, his stool, and even his own head to bang the drums during random occasions.  He even had a rope swing to show off his acrobatic skills at one point!  I guess Vince Neil can’t perform well without an insane animal-like drummer to back him up!

Vince then went backstage for a while while Blando took the mic.  The band played excellent renditions of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, and Black Sabbath’s War Pigs and Heaven & Hell.  The crowds loved the rock staples, and sang right along.

After returning to the stage, the entire band stormed through Girls, Girls, Girls and Wildside.  To close out the set, the band welcomed West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel to the stage; she thanked Mr. Neil for bringing Clematis Street to life (numerous clubs have opened since Dr. Feelgoods opened its doors in January 2008).  Vince thanked her for making him feel so welcome, and then they predictably played Home Sweet Home.  Although it was a daunting task for Blando to imitate the usual piano keys with his guitar, everyone there sang along to the entire song, so the less-than-perfect opening was easily overlooked.  Excellent performance.

An hour and 15 minutes of free, head-banging rock classics performed in the streets of South Florida make for an excellent night out!  Long live rock ‘n roll!

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